Senior Front-End Developer (Brisbane, CA)

We are seeking a new member to join our Front-End Development team, as the size and complexity of our product offerings and codebases continue to grow.

This position would report to the Director of Front-End Development and is based at YOU Technology in Brisbane, CA – just south of San Francisco.


  • Write sophisticated yet concise JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for the UI of our product offerings
  • Write JS Unit Tests for the UI to ensure the integrity of the front-end code
  • Work closely with the UI/UX Design and Product teams to ensure high quality User Experiences
  • Work closely with back-end developers to create a seamless, robust, and efficient interface between the UI and the REST APIs
  • Work closely with the QA team to squash any and all bugs
  • Participate in front-end team code reviews
  • Seek new ways to improve quality and efficiency in our products and our processes


  • Minimum 5 years of experience with JavaScript
  • Experience working in a team of diverse skill sets - back-end devs, designers, product managers, etc
  • Familiarity working in Agile/Scrum
  • Fluent in jQuery and Underscore
  • Comfortable with CSS preprocessors (LESS/Sass)
  • Proficient in at least 2 of the following JS MV* frameworks:
    • Backbone
    • Marionette
    • Angular
    • Ember
    • React
  • Accustomed to working in modular JS apps
  • Keen eye for precise UI implementation
  • A practical, open-minded, and intellectually curious approach to development

This is a non-management position
This is a full time position

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